Say "No" to Jason Bourne

I caught up with Matt Damon at a charity event in Beverly Hills last week and talked about our mutual experiences in China. Matt spent four months in China recently shooting The Great Wall for Legendary Pictures.

Matt Damon has a super busy career, shooting back-to-back movies for several years running. While he was in China, Matt was training for his next shoot, the latest Jason Bourne movie, which required him to be in amazing physical shape. There weren't any fancy gyms on the China / Mongolia boarder where they were shooting, so Matt's trainer had him training and doing sprints in the streets of Dunhuang, China to create the Jason Bourne look. ​

I pulled up some articles on Matt's training regimen and wasn't surprised that it required an intense commitment. Matt did cardio and weight training for four hours a day to become the most ripped Jason Bourne ever. On top of the physical training, he followed a strict high protein diet that was all health, no junk. ​

All of us guys who happily enjoy the exploits of Bourne and other movie heroes may also get a little frustrated that we aren't in the same super hero shape when we look in the mirror. This is when it's critical to remember the basis of true wellbeing. Sure you want to be physically healthy, but that doesn't necessarily require six-pack abs. And just as important as physical health, wellbeing requires connection to others and contribution to community.

The real Matt Damon is not Jason Bourne. He's a 45 year-old guy who balances time between work, family, and supporting the community, like attending the charity event where we met last week. If 4-hour a day workouts and draconian diets are what it takes to be Jason Bourne, then just say no. Like most super heroes, Bourne is not a calm, self-aligned picture of wellbeing. Enjoy the heroics of Batman and James Bond on the screen, but never forget the isolation and inner conflict that bubbles beneath the surface of these characters. Instead of idolizing these guys, commit to flexing your wellbeing muscles by committing to a balance of individual wellness, connection to loved ones, and making a difference in your community. ​

If you still want to be a superhero, checkout these links to learn more about Matt Damon's Jason Bourne workout and diet:

Link: Jason Bourne Workout & Diet Matt Damon street workouts in Dunhuang, China

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